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2020 Virtual Event

While we were disappointed to have to cancel our annual conference due to the pandemic, we were excited to be able to offer two virtual panels on Teaching and Research in the Days of COVID on November 9th and 10th. Thank you to our panelists and attendees! If you were not able to join us live, please feel free to view recordings of our events below.


We look forward to seeing you all again in person! Spokane, Washington on Oct 13-15, 2021

Teaching Criminal Justice in the Days of COVID-19: Pedagogy Panel Discussion

Original Presentation on Nov 9, 2020

Session 1:

  • "Creating Liquid Syllabi" (@5:15)

    • Shanell Sanchez, Southern Oregon University 

  • "Reusable Learning Objectives for Online Courses in Podcast Form" (@20:55)

    • Kristine Artello, Virginia Commonwealth University

    • Nia Rodgers, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • "What's Your Tech Language?" (@34:15)

    • Jennifer Moreno, Western Oregon University

  • "Applying Strategies to Increase Student Success in Online Courses" (@49:45)

    • Mercedes Valadez, California State University-Sacramento

Session 2:

  • "Using the Documentary 13th in Criminal Justice Curriculum" (@1:17:12)

    • Janese Free, Emmanuel College

    • Jeffrey Smith Jr., Emmanuel College

  • "What I've Learned from Teaching a Decade of Race Online" (@1:31:35)

    • Misty Witzel, Western Oregon University

  • "When the Class Becomes the University Experience: Changing Roles and Opportunities for Faculty in Virtual Classrooms" (@1:49:40)

    • Rachel Cunliffe, Western Oregon University

Criminal Justice in the Days of COVID-19: Research Panel Discussion

Original Presentation on Nov 10, 2020

Session 1:

  • "Crime, Justice, & the COVID-19 Pandemic: Toward a National Research Agenda" (@5:25)

    • Mitchel Miller, University of North Florida

  • "The Immediate Impact of COVID-19 on Law Enforcement in the United States" (@20:45)

    • Wesley G. Jennings, The University of Mississippi

  • "Police Stress, mental Health, and Resiliency During the COVID-19 Pandemic" (@36:00)

    • John Stogner, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Session 2:

  • "Data Driven improvements to Public Safety: Leveraging Intelligent Systems to Evaluate Complex Social Interactions in Policing" (@1:04:35)

    • David Makin, Washington State University

    • Megan Parks, Washington State University

    • ​​

  • "Punishment Creep and Mistrust: Reflections on Criminal Justice Legitimacy by Men with Incarcerated Partners" (@1:18:05)

    • Thomas Dutcher, University of New Haven

  • "Judicial Reform During Crisis" (@1:35:00)

    • Alysha Gagnon, University of Albany-SUNY

    • Samahria Alpern, Brown University

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